A multimodal observation platform for monitoring the impacts of tourism activities on coastal environment

Greenov, in cooperation with SENSEAFR, offers a multimodal observation platform of the maritime environment and of human impacts

This platform has three main objectives:

  • Protecting biodiversity by monitoring vulnerable areas
  • Improving the management of areas through the acquisition of knowledge
  • Improving the safety of users and installations at sea

This platform is particularly adapted to the managers of Marine Protected Areas and to the local communities. It wishes to evaluate, to follow, to act to protect sensitive habitats and to better understand the impacts of the activities of tourism and boating on the environment.

Ocean IA is composed of sensors coupled with artificial intelligence that allow automatic data processing. It provides a perfect tool for decision making for the managers of natural areas. For each project, we analyze your needs to propose a system at the right price based on a field analysis.



Scientific expertise

Scientific expertise at the service of managers of natural areas

  • Expertise in the maritime habitats and environment: maritime constraints, knowledge of fauna and flora, knowledge of human pressures.
  • A strong expert team: 2 scientific experts and 2 PhD in underwater acoustics and signal processing with more than 15 publications in scientific journals
  • Collaboration with Chorus Research Institute and academics in France and Canada

Equipped with sensors

The platform Ocean IA is equipped with robust sensors allowing local monitoring, in quasi real-time and over long periods of time

  • Several sensors can be integrated into a single system: day/night optical cameras, AIS receivers, radars, underwater hydrophones

  • Systems proved by 5 years of field experience: 15 sites of implementation

  • Discreet and light systems that can be camouflaged in nature and that can operate autonomously with solar panels

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence modules can automatically process data sent back by the sensors.

  • We have a store of modules already tested and proven on 15 systems currently in operation.

  • Performance of our artificial intelligence algorithms: > 90% rate of accuracy

  • Modules that can be made according to needs, with co-financing if necessary

Pi-Sigma Web platform

Web platform: data is available in different formats to facilitate decision-making

  • SMS/e-mail alerts in near real-time 
  • Access to a web platform for data visualization and analytics 
  • Interfaces with clients’ IT tools or/and public applications 


Equipment for environmental perception

The platform allows to couple several sensors to see and listen to the coastal environment. The available sensors are:

  • Cameras: range 2 km from the coast

  • Zoom cameras: 4 km from the coast

  • AIS antenna

  • Hydrophones to listen to underwater noises

  • Infrared cameras

  • Radars

Automatic image processing

Automatic image processing using neural networks:

  • Object detection in images

  • Tracking of objects in images and behavioral analysis

  • Delimitation of areas to be monitored

  • Correlation of multi-source data

Data representations and alerts

  • Automatic alert systems (e-mail/sms)

  • Dashboards presenting raw data

  • Statistical data

  • Geolocalized representation

Progress of a project

Characterization of your needs

Monitoring requirements
Expected performances
Constraints on the site

Evaluation of your site

Visit of your sites
Meeting with your teams

Installation of the monitoring systems

Delivery of the system
Installation of the system

Training of artificial intelligence modules

Data acquisition
Continuous improvement of the algorithms
Delivery of a new version every month for 3 months

Delivery and one month trial

Implementation of the algorithms
Configuration of the dashboards
Configuration of alerts

Data processing subscription


Challenge us

We innovate for you

Working on innovation challenges is part of our DNA. We propose to put our know-how and our network to imagine, fund, design and test new solutions to reduce your impact on maritime ecosystems.