A web application to limit the risk of ship strikes with cetaceans

Greenov offers a dedicated web application that can be used on board of ships by crews to reduce the risk of accidental ship strikes with cetaceans.

This application has three main objectives:

  • Providing data to the crews to alert them of the presence of cetaceans on their route
  • Providing information to the crews about possible hazards in their navigation area
  • Allowing boaters to be actors in the preservation of large cetaceans by allowing them to make reports to feed the application

The ShareDetect application can be used by all users of the sea: yachtsmen, fishermen, crews of commercial vessels and support offshore vessels and scientists.


Accessible & connected application

An easily accessible application that can be connected to your navigation software:

  • Online / offline mode
  • Compatible with any computer and mobile support
  • NMEA compatible

Risk of collision indicator

A risk of ship’s strikes indicator based on the size of your vessel, your speed, and the seasonality and area of navigation.

The user will thus have information on his level of risk of ship strikes inviting him to:

  • Increase his watch of the surface of the water
  • Reduce his speed

Adapt his behavior in the event of an encounter or simply circumvent the zone, thereby reducing the risk of fatal ship strikes with cetaceans.

Become an actor

The ShareDetect application allows you to become an actor in the protection of large cetaceans.

The user can report a danger and/or the presence of a large cetacean. The application allows you to:

  • Fill in a form to report a danger
  • Locate this report
  • Take a picture

Up-to-date information

An application that will contain up-to-date information on regulations and good behavior to follow in case of an encounter with a cetacean.

The ShareDetect application will allow you to receive a notification when:

  • Entering a marine protected area or a Cetaceans Sanctuary
  • Another navigator close to you reports a sighting


Multi-platform access

  • Web access via chrome, safari, mozilla.
  • Installable on computer phone & tablet (PC, MAC, Android & IOS compatible) 
  • Online & offline use 
  • Navigator mode, for boaters
  • Professional mode, for the crews of commercial and work ships

Accessible data

  • Delimitations of Marine Protected Areas
  • Delimitations of Cetacean Sanctuaries and regulations
  • Access to past hazard localization with date and time of reporting for other boaters nearby in near real time
  • Cetacean probability of occurrence map: historical presence scores X seasonality
  • Best practices guide to avoid a ship strike in the event of a cetacean sighting
  • Scientific information on the whale species

Possible actions

  • Report and geolocated the presence of a whale
  • Report the presence of a danger: containers, pieces of wood, floating ropes, floating nets, shoals of sargassum
  • Associate a photo with the report

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