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underwater noise pollution

Empowering Young Minds: learning about the dangers of underwater noise pollution

23 April 2024

Understanding the impact of underwater noise pollution Underwater noise pollution is a significant threat to marine life worldwide. Human activities such as shipping, construction, and offshore drilling generate intense noise levels that disrupt the ocean’s delicate acoustic environment. Marine animals, including whales, dolphins and other marine species, rely on sound for communication, navigation, feeding and…

Greenov's noise mitigation system

Greenov’s Noise Mitigation System Testing: A Recap 2024

18 April 2024

Preliminary Results and Promising Performance The recent visits provided an opportunity to witness the SubSea Quieter® in maritime conditions for the first time. Some results :   While the final results of the acoustic performance tests are forthcoming, initial measurements are already highly promising. The SubSea Quieter® has demonstrated efficacy in reducing underwater noise pollution, highlighting…

In Extenso award — Start West

11 April 2024

We’re excited to share the news that Greenov has received the In Extenso award in the #Transition category at the Start West 2024. This recognition highlights our dedication to innovative clean tech solutions in the maritime industry. A big thank you to Start West for this meaningful acknowledgment. Congratulations to all the other amazing companies…

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