Anti-Collision Alliance

The Anti-Collision Alliance is a group of voluntary organizations, ship owners and individuals who wish to take up the challenge of reducing accidental ship strikes to prevent big cetacean disappearance.

Objectives and proposal

Reinforce dialogue

Reinforcing the dialogue between the actors of the academic world, associations, industrials, innovative SMEs and all individuals who want to contribute to the protection of cetaceans against collisions.

The actions carry out by the Alliance are:

  • Sharing best practices: Contributing to the development and the promotion of best operational practices
  • Networking: Connecting Alliance members to facilitate synergies
  • Advocacy: Dialoguing with public authorities and international commissions to convince policy makers to act


Raising awareness of ship strike impact on cetaceans and sharing scientific knowledge

The actions carried out by the Alliance are:

  • Technical watch: Editing newsletters and studies on new technologies/solutions that can prevent collisions
  • Regulatory watch: Monitoring and anticipating future maritime regulations worldwide
  • Conferences: Participating in maritime conferences and organizing a worldwide conference on the collision issue

Innovation projects

Imaging, animating and launching new projects allowing to find always more effective solutions to tackle the problem of accidental collisions at sea.

The actions carry out by the Alliance are:

  • Animation of group works: Creating thematic working groups according to the specific issues to be resolved
  • Initiate new projects: Setting up new projects and search for ways to finance them
  • Tests of new systems and solutions: Showcasing innovative and testing new systems at sea with different type of vessels


Raising awareness on the theme by communicating the actions carried out by the Alliance, by its members, and by all organizations that act on this subject.

The actions carried out by the Alliance are:

  • Media center: Creating of communication contents dedicated to the alliance projects
  • Training: Providing training on best practices, technologies and scientific knowledge on the whales
  • Valorisation of the Alliance’s Members: Promoting companies / organization engaged with the Alliance

Challenge us

We innovate for you

Working on innovation challenges is part of our DNA. We propose to put our know-how and our network to imagine, fund, design and test new solutions to reduce your impact on maritime ecosystems.