Advisory Board

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Our Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board comprises accomplished professionals and experts from diverse backgrounds. They provide strategic guidance, industry insights, and problem-solving expertise. With their extensive networks, they open doors to valuable partnerships and opportunities, while also helping us identify and mitigate potential risks. Their forward-thinking approach keeps us at the forefront of industry trends and innovation. Moreover, they play an important role in overseeing our corporate governance. 

Our Scientific Board

Our Scientific Board is the driving force behind our commitment to scientific excellence. Comprising distinguished experts in various scientific disciplines, they provide invaluable guidance and peer review, ensuring that our research remains at the cutting edge of scientific discovery. Their expertise shapes our research direction, fosters collaboration with other scientific institutions, and drives innovation within our scientific endeavors. Upholding the highest ethical and scientific standards, they hold us accountable for the rigor and validity of our work. Our Scientific Board is instrumental in shaping our organization as a hub of innovations.  

Our Mission Committee

Greenov has decided to have a special status: to be a company with a mission. In concrete terms, this means that we have added a mission to our articles of association: “To innovate for the Ecological and Solidarity Transition and thus contribute to human progress for all”. This mission is the common thread running through all our actions.  

Our Mission Committee comprises individuals and experts who are deeply committed to our organization’s mission and values. Every year, they verify that our actions align with the mission we have identified, provide essential guidance, strategic insights The Mission Committee’s collective dedication and expertise empower us to make informed decisions, tackle challenges, and continue advancing our mission for the benefit of our community and stakeholders. 

Our Democratic Governance Committee

The Democratic Committee is made up of a number of GREENOV employees to ensure that the company’s governance principles are respected: transparency in decision-making, sharing of important information between associates and employees, fair distribution of the wealth created by the company, and monitoring of the company’s social and environmental commitments. 

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