Whale Alert

A collaborative application to prevent ship strikes with big cetaceans

Whale Alert is an application developed and managed by 3 actors: Conserve.IO, IFAW and Greenov.

The purpose of this application is to avoid collisions between ships and big cetaceans, thanks to a real-time sightings.

Whale Alert is a citizen science app where whale sightings are made in a collaborative way by different actors: marine scientists, boaters, commercial and ferries crews, NGOs.

Greenov is responsible for the deployment and the promotion of Whale Alert in Europe and in oversea departments. This application can be used before and during navigation, as it is functional in both online and offline mode.



An easily accessible application that can be connected to your navigation software:

  • Online / offline mode


During navigation, the application enables you to report sightings if you encounter a cetacean. Your sightings are the first quick and easy step that will help the animal or sea users to be warned as soon as possible.


When this happens, you can:

  • specify if the cetacean is alive, injured, or dead (a guide is included to help you).
  • enter the cetacean species (identification guide provided),
  • add the number, add photos, comments, and your position.
  • follow a guide on how to behave when encountering a cetacean in order to disturb it as little as possible.


As you navigate, the application will send you notifications according to the regulations and zones that require particular behavior, in order to preserve ceteceans species .


Here are some examples of areas :

  • MSR : Mandatory Ship Reporting areas
  • SMAs: Seasonal Management Areas
  • DMAs: Dynamic Management Areas
  • ATBA: Voluntary Areas to be Avoided
  • RR: Recommended Routes
  • MPAs: Marine Protected Areas

Species Guide

To facilitate your sighting and the identification of the cetaceans, Whale Alert provides a Species guide with :

  • pictures of the cetaceans
  • colors
  • lenght/size
  • Advice if you encounter one
  • Behavior
  • Distribution
  • Regulation
  • etc…


The Whale Alert App offers many advantages such as :

  • Regular updates
  • Global presence : Whale alert maps the US and European seas. And the world’s seas in the future.
  • Verification team : Whale Alert team verify the information before posting it to the map in near-real time.
  • Trusted Observer : Regular users can become trusted observers, helping to streamline the review process.

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