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Innovating to protect the ocean

Our vision and reason to be

Convinced that the future of humanity is being played out today around protecting the oceans and committed to protecting the beauty and richness of marine ecosystems, our reason to be is to “protect oceans’ ecosystems by bringing disruptive CleanTech innovations to reduce human impacts and prevent the oceans from becoming blue deserts”.


Develop collaborative Innovations to protect oceans’ ecosystems.

Support our customers in reducing their impact on the environment.

Contribute to creating and sharing scientific knowledge.


Be part of the world’s reference in maritime Cleantech

Be part of the world’s leading innovators for the protection of marine ecosystems.

Our values

Ecosystem Protection

We are committed to minimizing the negative impact of human activities on the environment


We focus on collaboration with different actors to reach global environmental targets


We ensure that all decisions and actions align with the needs of our customers


Just as the oceans have no borders, neither does our actions


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Awards and recognitions

Ocean Pitch Challenge 2024 first prize
Prix In Extenso Transition category 2024
Décibels d’or primé 2024
Index French Blue Tech de 2024
Laureate of the Grand Prix Impact 2023
Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label 2023
The Arch 2022-2023 100 Solutions
EIC Accelerator 2022
Start Up of the Year AMBAs 2022
Port du Futur 2022
CIC Business Award 2022
Innovation Award 2022 by the French Ministry of Ecological Transition
Foundation Mousquetaire 2021

How we started

Damien Demoor
Damien Demoor

The reading of several reports on the oceans presenting the major impact of human activities on the oceans and their catastrophic consequences leading to “blue deserts” in the short term created a trigger for me as I am very close to the marine environment and fascinated by its multiple and incredible ecosystems.

I then committed myself to this vital ambition for the oceans and mankind. For 6 years I actively worked on the evolution of the R&D strategy of a large French Naval Defense group towards maritime Clean technologies. We have built a significant network of innovation partners on a European scale. In particular, I launched the “SubSea Quieter“, an underwater noise containment system to reduce the impact of marine works, based on 70 years of Naval Group expertise in underwater acoustic discretion.

But this was not ambitious and fast enough and these actions did not target enough the civil maritime sector, which represents the major part of the impacts on oceans ecosystems. I was in daily contact with industrialists and local authorities who were willing but technically unable to reduce their impact on the oceans and their ecosystems.

I then created Greenov with a few visionaries who shared the same ambition of an ecological transition in the maritime sector, with the strong desire to protect marine ecosystems thanks to the tremendous power of technological innovation. In line with the values developed over the last 10 years through my association HTS, Greenov has also developed a rich social mission, in particular for the employment of people with disabilities.

With these common values, our technological expertise, and our European networks, we are today at the service of companies and communities that want to act to reduce their impacts and thus preserve our richest and most valuable common good and that of our children: the oceans.

Our team

Photo de Damien Demoor

Damien Demoor

CEO & Innovation

Photo de Gwenael Desse

Gwenael Desse

Chief Business Officer

Photo de Romain Jan

Romain Jan

Anti-Collision systems and Robotics CTO

Photo de Cécile Miesch

Cécile Miesch

SubSea Quieter Project Manager

Photo de Daniela Soto

Daniela Soto

Communications and Marketing Specialist

Photo de François Aubry

François Aubry

SubSea Quieter Mechanical Engineering Manager

Photo de Ludovic Mell

Ludovic Mell

SubSea Quieter Innovation Engineer

Photo de Aurélien Charrial

Aurélien Charrial

SubSea Quieter Innovation Engineer

Photo de Hugo Geoffroy

Hugo Geoffroy

SubSea Quieter Innovation Engineer

Photo de Victor Autain

Victor Autain

SubSea Quieter Innovation Engineer

Photo de Maxime Couderc

Maxime Couderc

Systems Development Engineer

Photo de Aymeric Houze

Aymeric Houze

SubSea Quieter Innovation Engineer

Photo de Jeanne Cavoit

Jeanne Cavoit

Ph.D. Materials and modeling

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