Greenov’s CEO, Damien Demoor, Secures important MBA Startup of the Year 2022/23 Award

News | 3 January 2024 | Article

Greenov: Advancing Marine Ecosystem Protection through Innovation

Damien Demoor, a graduate from Audencia Business School, has been awarded the prestigious MBA Startup of the Year for his inspiring venture, Greenov.  

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The AMBA & BGA Excellence Awards 2022/23, held on December 9, 2022, at the Biltmore Hotel in London, gathered leading figures from the global business education community to celebrate excellence and commend exceptional achievements in business schools, MBA students, graduates, suppliers, and employers. 

As the event unfolded, Damien’s win for MBA Startup of the Year stood out, highlighting the value of startup business strategy and innovation in the competitive business landscape. 

Greenov, founded in January 2021, is on a noble mission—to protect marine ecosystems through maritime clean technology that minimize anthropic impacts. Embracing maritime Clean Tech, the french start up introduces the SubSea Quieter—a groundbreaking technology designed to shield marine ecosystems from noise pollution linked to maritime port and offshore works, including the installation of offshore wind turbine foundations. 

With 14 dedicated employees and a commitment to growth, the start up has earned prestigious recognition, being selected for the highly selective “Accelerator” program of the European Innovation Council (EIC). This has granted them €2.39 million in subsidies and an entry into the EU’s capital for the next funding round. Greenov’s achievements also extend to winning the esteemed Port of the Future 2022 Innovation Awards. 

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In response to the award, Damien expressed his heartfelt gratitude, dedicating the prize to those diligently working to protect our oceans and secure a better future for humanity. His passion for maritime clean technology solutions underpins Greenov’s commitment to combating the threats of “blue deserts” within the next two decades. 

Join us in celebrating Greenov’s remarkable achievement and unwavering dedication to protecting marine ecosystems—a journey where innovation meets environmental stewardship. 

Let’s forge ahead with determination, passion, and a shared commitment to safeguard the oceans — one innovation at a time. 

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