Décibels d’Or 2024: Celebrating Innovation in Noise Mitigation!

News | 19 January 2024 | LinkedIn

At Greenov we are proud to announce that we began this year with the recognition at the Décibels d’Or awards during an exceptional evening organized by the Conseil National du Bruit at the Palais d’Iéna.

The Décibels d’Or honor the most innovative initiatives in the fight against noise, emphasizing the quality of the acoustic environment and celebrating the expertise within this professional realm.

Prize-Winning Solution: SubSea Quieter
We’re thrilled to receive this accolade for our noise mitigation system, the SubSea Quieter.

Why the Jury Loved It:
The project’s dedication to rigorous testing and its focus on preserving underwater biodiversity resonated with the jury. Furthermore, the SubSea Quieter’s goal of preserving underwater biodiversity resonated was highlighted as well.

This recognition reinforces our dedication to creating impactful solutions that not only address noise challenges but also contribute to the preservation of our marine ecosystems. A big thank you to the Conseil National du Bruit for this prestigious award! philippe strauss Justine Monnereau Robin Reda

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