Greenov’s Noise Mitigation System Testing: A Recap 2024

News | 18 April 2024 | Article

Greenov's noise mitigation system

Greenov recently conducted its first tests of the SubSea Quieter®, our noise mitigation system, in maritime conditions. This extended testing period, spanning 2 months, allowed for a thorough evaluation of the capabilities of our innovative solution. Alongside these tests, we welcomed more than 100 esteemed guests and members of the press for visits to witness our technology firsthand, with a press conference held on March 21st to share key insights and findings.   

Preliminary Results and Promising Performance

The recent visits provided an opportunity to witness the SubSea Quieter® in maritime conditions for the first time. Some results :  

  • The system was successfully assembled in just a few days in accordance with operational and safety procedures ; 
  • The Subsea Quieter demonstrated its reliability and ease of deployment, with over 150 cycles (deployment/inflation/deflation/recovery) in a few weeks; 
  • The system underwent acoustic testing for over 1 week, enabling us to test different configurations and measure the system’s performance over a wide frequency range, including low frequencies with the use of air guns; 
  • The system demonstrated its reliability and resistance to current, with good behavior at currents superior of 1m/s. 

While the final results of the acoustic performance tests are forthcoming, initial measurements are already highly promising. The SubSea Quieter® has demonstrated efficacy in reducing underwater noise pollution, highlighting its potential to safeguard marine ecosystems. 

Next steps for our noise mitigation system  

Greenov will be pleased to present all the tests carried out in Saint-Nazaire and the acoustic performance results at SEANERGY 2024 trade fair dedicated to offshore wind sector. This event will also be an opportunity to present the film of our tests. 

Greenov is now looking for a demonstration for a real pile driving operation. If you’re working on future marine projects, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Greenov's noise mitigation system will be at Seanergy 2024

Gratitude and Acknowledgments

We would like to thank all of the individuals, organizations and members of the press who took the time to attend our technology demonstrations and press conference. Your presence and support is invaluable as we continue to innovate and strive for a sustainable future for our oceans. We received a lot of feedback from technical experts, operational advices and recommendations for future demonstrations of our Noise Abatement System in a context of real pile driving operations. 

As the number of offshore wind turbine installations continues to rise, this innovation holds immense significance for the protection of our oceans. Underwater noise generated by construction activities poses a severe threat to marine life, making solutions like the SubSea Quieter® crucial for mitigating these impacts. 

Now join us reliving the event

Experience the excitement and innovation of Greenov’s SubSea Quieter® testing phase by exploring the images capturing the best moments of this milestone event.  

Check the slideshow below and witness firsthand the highlights of our extended testing phase, from insightful presentations to engaging discussions and unforgettable moments shared among industry experts, stakeholders, and members of the press. 

Share your thoughts and reflections on the event by using the hashtag #GreenovSubSeaQuieter on social media. Together, let’s amplify the message of marine conservation and celebrate the strides we’ve made toward a sustainable future for our oceans. 


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