Greenov’s Victory at the Ocean Pitch Challenge 2024

News | 17 June 2024 | Article

The 4th edition of the Ocean Pitch Challenge, organized by RespectOcean and the Sustainable Ocean Alliance, brought together a global array of innovative solutions aimed at protecting our oceans. This international competition, which saw 218 applications from 49 countries, culminated in a finale where the most promising ideas were showcased. The Secretariat of State for the Sea and Biodiversity was in attendance to listen to the finalists’ pitches and engage with them about their innovative solutions designed to safeguard our marine ecosystems.

The Ocean Pitch Challenge: A Global Platform for Ocean Solutions

The Ocean Pitch Challenge highlights the power of collective action and innovation in addressing some of the most pressing environmental issues of our time. This year, the competition attracted a diverse range of participants, each bringing unique ideas and technologies to the table. The event serves as a valuable platform for fostering collaboration and inspiring new approaches to marine conservation.

Greenov’s Triumph with the SubSea Quieter®

We are thrilled to announce that Greenov’s SubSea Quieter® has been awarded the first prize at this year’s Ocean Pitch Challenge! The SubSea Quieter® is an innovative system designed to mitigate underwater noise and contain turbidity, specifically aimed at coastal and offshore maritime construction companies. This innovative solution plays a vital role in reducing the impact of construction activities on marine ecosystems by preventing and mitigating underwater noise pollution and turbidity.

Insights from the Founder: Damien Demoor

According to Damien Demoor, “Winning the Ocean Pitch Challenge is a significant milestone for Greenov. The SubSea Quieter® is the result of years of research and development aimed at creating a solution that not only addresses underwater noise pollution but also enhances the sustainability of maritime construction projects.”

Ocean Pitch 2024

The Importance of Underwater Noise Mitigation

Underwater noise pollution is a growing concern for marine life. The noise generated by maritime activities, such as pile driving and construction, can have devastating effects on marine animals, particularly those that rely on sound for communication, navigation, and feeding. The SubSea Quieter® addresses this issue by utilizing an innovative membrane technology that dramatically reduces underwater noise levels. This system helps to create a safer and more sustainable environment for marine species.

underwater noise pollution

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the participants, organizers RespectOcean and Sustainable Ocean Alliance, and the judges of the Ocean Pitch Challenge like. Special gratitude goes to the Greenov team, whose dedication and hard work made this achievement possible. Your support and collaboration are instrumental in driving innovation and creating sustainable solutions for our oceans.

To relive the excitement of the Ocean Pitch Challenge and see the interview done with our CEO Damien Demoor, have a look at the video below. We hope it inspires you as much as it has inspired us to continue working towards a sustainable future for our oceans.

All photo credits: Respect Ocean
Video credits: Ministères Transition Écologique Cohésion des Territoires Transition Énergétique Mer

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