Noise mitigation system: another key milestone for our innovative SubSea Quieter

News | 14 September 2023 | Article

Revolutionizing Submersed Noise Mitigation  

Beneath the surface of our oceans, human maritime activities often disrupt the natural soundscape of marine life. Greenov’s innovation, the SubSea Quieter (SSQ), is addressing this issue by offering a practical solution for reducing underwater noise.  

Noise mitigation system

At its core, the SubSea Quieter operates through a simple yet ingenious principle.  Utilizing a waterproof patented membrane to create inflatable panels, it mirrors the concept of double glazing, adapted meticulously to the challenges posed by maritime conditions. This unique membrane, when inflated,  creates an impedance loss for sound waves, resulting in a substantial reduction in noise levels—a significant step forward in minimizing the impact of human activities on marine ecosystems.  

A notable feature of the SubSea Quieter is its modular and adaptable design. It can be tailored to suit various types of maritime work and specific site requirements. This adaptability, combined with a streamlined air management system, ensures that the technology can be integrated seamlessly into different operations. 

Validation of a prototype for the SubSea Quieter’s air management system 

One of the key components of the SubSea Quieter is the Air Management System, which injects the right amount of air at the correct pressure into the different layers of the membrane depending on their depth.  

The Air Management System is made up of several pressure controllers/sensors and a command unit.  It is made so the operator can control manually the pressure in the different panels (within security margins) or let the system regulate the air pressure and flow automatically. 

The testing phase of that particular air management system, conducted in the first quarter of 2023, marked a pivotal point in the SubSea Quieter’s journey. The aim of the tests was to validate the System’s principles and functioning in water. Despite being made at a small scale, this test provided valuable insights, affirming the concept’s feasibility while pinpointing areas for improvement.  

The technical requirements induced by pile driving led to a particular idea—the development of a system that manages the air from a watertight enclosure near the panel. This approach emerged as the most practical solution, avoiding potential technical and logistical complications. This innovation highlights Greenov’s commitment to adapting and evolving its technology to real-world conditions.

This test is the first in a long series that will run during 2023 and 2024. The various subsystems will be tested individually before being progressively assembled. The Greenov team’s objective is to be able to carry out the first test of the SubSea Quieter Pile Driving in February 2024 in the port of Saint Nazaire (France). A 10 m long and 5 m in diameter system will be tested.    

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