Tip & Shaft Event

News | 16 October 2023 | LinkedIn

 We were delighted to attend the Tip & Shaft event for the first time, dedicated to Offshore Racing. Through engaging discussions and presentations, we witnessed the dynamism of this industry and the strong commitment of its stakeholders towards the protection and promotion of the maritime environment.​

The topic of reducing collisions between cetaceans and ships sparked significant interest, underscoring its critical importance to the Offshore Racing players (teams, IMOCA Class, sponsors, suppliers). This only reinforces our determination to channel all our energy into finding innovative solutions within the scope of our two European projects: SEADETECT and Safe Nav.​

Thank you to everyone we had the opportunity to meet:​
Renaud Bañuls, Léopoldine LASSEUR, Amy Munro, Florie Pengam, Stephane Guilbaud

A big thank you to the Tip & Shaft team for a fantastic day, and we look forward to seeing everyone again next year!

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